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Hüsker Foöd Zine has a rich history dating back to the mid-1990s when a young and enthusiastic me started my first zine that nobody read - NEWSFLASH!: The Zine of Crap. Back then, I was obsessed with wacky comedy (think Conan and Letterman) and current events, so it felt only natural to start my own comedic fake news magazine.

Since 2016, Hüsker Foöd Zine has evolved into something much more than just a source of goofy questions and Ina Garten memes (they're so good, tho!). We've documented countless concerts, music festivals, and interviewed a variety of individuals, from friends and family to our heroes in the punk rock and culinary communities. But we've also taken on more serious topics, covering events like the biker takeover of Bethel, Ohio, and the George Floyd demonstrations.


With the help of The Peterson Compound (Millington, TN), we even managed to pull off our first-ever Punks Care 2 Festival. Together, we raised enough money to provide over 3,600 meals for the Freestore Foodbank of Cincinnati, Ohio - a proud achievement for us.


At Hüsker Foöd Zine, our mission is to connect with different communities through art, music, and food, documenting the experiences we have along the way. While asking goofy questions is still a big part of what we do, we're dedicated to going deeper and connecting with people on a meaningful level.

- jimmy james

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