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Interview with D.O.S. (Ohio hXc Punk)

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

D.O.S. is a hardcore punk band from the hellscape known as southwest Ohio -- the land of diarrhea chili, shitty pizza, cute hippos, and -- clearly -- really good hardcore punk bands.

Here Andrea, Joe, Ron, and Ryan are nice enough to answer some of my dumbass questions. Enjoy.

And seriously, fuck LaRosa's. That shit sucks.

And, yes. I did ask the same pizza-related question twice. It's called, "Hard-hitting journalism!"


Are you able to describe the D.O.S. origin story using only Cincinnati-style chili


Andrea: I'll go with chili restaurant kitchen elements: So, I just walked out of my shitty chef job with assholes who listen to even shittier music, and then I got asked to play bass with this chili kitchen, so I showed up to my practice shift, Ron was there too on guitar. The dishwasher was smoking crack and the head chef was out of his mind on too many beers with no sleep, it was crazy. They were all trying to cook some crazy awesome shit but it was falling apart due to their drug use. So after that crazy practice shift, Ron asked me if I'd like to join this other kitchen him, Ryan, and Joe were cooking in up in Dayton, and I said bet. They hired me after I showed up for my practice shift and I've been with them since.

Joe: No.

Ron: I dont know cant think of chili ingredients.

Are you all from SW Ohio? If so, how has growing up here influenced your sound and/or Songwriting?

Joe: Yes because there's nothing to do but start a punk band.

Andrea: I grew up here, but don't talk to anybody I went to high school with, so that makes me a pariah with all the Cincinnati fuckers, which in turn, influences me to break the law on the daily, love fast music, make/eat good fucking food to drown my sorrow, and play music. Play fast, eat ass, is what I always say.

I also left for some years off an on, and lived in some other areas/states of the U.S., which gave me a perspective: fucking Ohio sucks, but it's also extremely awesome; it's gorgeous, there's lots of great people here, but holy fuck, the state government can fucking suck a big horse dick. Also, fuck all the fucking racist cops. Go get hit by a train you fucking assholes. Fuck.

Ron: We all are from Dayton/Cincinnati and inbetween. Growing up here has made us pissed off and given us a lot of subject matter to sing about.

Who has the better pizza? Cincinnati or Dayton?

Joe: Chicago has best pizza, Dayton sucks but better pizza than Cincy.

Ron: Dayton has better pizza, Marions.

Ryan: New York! Dayton has super cheese at Marion's, not sure what's staple in Cincinnati.

Andrea: I'm going to be negative and answer "Who has the worse pizza in Cincinnati or Dayton" .......Cincinnati has hands fucking down the worse popular pizza chain in all of existence, fucking LaRosas. Overly sweetened pizza sauce (!!!??!?!?!WTF) , bland as fuck doughy crust that they don't even brush any olive oil/garlic on prior to cooking, and shitty fucking toppings. Who the fuck taught you guys how to cut a fucking onion, and why in the fuck do you put that amount of sugar in your pizza sauce? Did you know that salt is required to make things taste good, and maybe you should have a small amount in your dough recipe?

What are some of your individual artsy-fartsy influences? Doesn’t need to be music related.

Ron: GBH, The Exploited, Speed Dealer, Super Suckers, list goes on.

Andrea: I am influenced by the sky, the smell of sweaty people, the delicious calves of hairy legs, badass music, shitty corporations who wield too much financial authority upon our everyday lives, unregulated capitalist fascist fuckheads, laughter from children, my tortishell cat, roasted garlic/olive oil, curry, perfectly crisp edges.

Joe: Lux Interior, Lee Ving, Dennis Daniel "MadDog" Morgan, Clint Eastwood, El Chapo!!!!!!!

Any food or music guilty pleasures?

Joe: McDonald's, because fuck a capitalist clown but he makes good poison.

Ron: McDonald's and Mac Sabbath.

Andrea: I don't have any guilty pleasures really, I just don't give a fuck, if I like something, I don't feel guilty about it.

Does anyone like to cook? Does anyone hate cooking? Who’s the best cook?!

Ron: I hate to cook.

Andrea: I love to cook, I made a bunch of shit today. From scratch I made a nice red/veggie sauce, with sautee'd zucchini and squash. And pan butter-fried bean burritos. I also made some banana nut muffins and rice krispie treats for some weed enthusiasts who also happen to skateboard. I used to cook for a living and got pretty fucking good at it, but I don't do it professionally anymore.

Joe: I love to cook, I'm the best at everything I do.

How would you describe your music using only pizza toppings?

Joe: Hot ass peppers, American sausage, black olives.

Andrea: I think our music equates with crushed red pepper, shredded mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni, small diced pickles, and jullienne onions: the best pizza topping combo.

Ron: Pepperoni, peppers, and hot sauce.

What’s the saddest thing any of you have ever eaten? Happiest thing?

Ron: Sardines. Happiest: Chocolate cake.

Andrea: The saddest thing I have ever eaten: refer to question number fucking 2. Saddest fucking excuse for a pizza. The happiest thing I eat is chef Ami's etouffe' at Allyn's Cafe in Cincinnati. It's the best. Go getchu some.

Joe: I've eaten too many sad things to name. Happiest is German food and shushi.

Who has better pizza? Cincinnati or Dayton? Better punk?!

Joe: Oregon Express (Dayton), Dayton, Dayton.

Ron: Cincy has more punk bands, Dayton has a lot of veteran punk bands that have been around a long


Andrea: Cincinnati has Adriatico's, it's really amazing. There's also a drive-thru on the west side where you can get slices of badass pizza, Trotta's. I was too drunk to rememebr eating Dayton pizza when I did that one time, so I don't know. Better punk, I think Cincinnati has way more great punk/hardcore bands, by far.

Whatcha got going on next?

Ron: More music more shows!!!

Andrea: We got lots of shit going on coming up in 2023, we got fucking shows booked all the way out to October. We just recorded some shit, about to record some more shit soon. I'm about to take my kid to the diy skatepark so he can properly learn how to become a juvenile delinquent because fuck all this fucking bullshit capitalist hellscape we call the United States. Teach the young homies how to have fun.

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