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Q&A: CJ Ramone of the Ramones!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

photo cred: cj ramone

Hey, gang! This actually happened.

A Q&A with CJ Ramone of the Ramones!

U.S. Marine Corps Machine Gunner. Ramone. Good dude.

Here it is!


First off, thank you for your service ... not only in the Ramones but also in the USMC! What was your MOS in the Corps? Did you have a favorite or least favorite MRE/ration?

0331 (machine gunner), Chicken Ala King, and Beef Stew!!! Really loved the cherry fruit cakes. Usually had to give up my cocoa and a few other things to get one. Pork pattie was the worst.

You were kind of the baby of the Ramones. Was it weird at first, taking over for Dee Dee, or were the rest of the guys cool towards you?

I was so focused on not embarrassing the band and remembering all the bass lines I never really had time to worry. I never tried to replace DeeDee. No one could. I just tried to be the best Ramone I could be.

I think some people might not realize it, but you were in the Ramones for about 7 years, right? What was the bigger honor: hearing “Take it, CJ!” or yelling “1-2-3-4!”?

Yes, 7 years. Joey never rehearsed with the band, so the first time I heard Joey say “TAKE IT CJ”, it was on stage. I smiled for the rest of the night.

Do you have a favorite Ramones song? That might be impossible, right?

Lots of them, but OUTSIDER if I have to pick.

Who had the weirdest eating habits in the band?

Marky. Saw him eat roaches for money and an onion like you’d eat an apple.

Do you have any go-to food joints when you’re on the road now? Or did you back then?

Was singing “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” with Lemmy as fucking rad as it looked? That’s actually one of my favorite videos on YouTube... when you guys take a step back to play a riff, then step back up to the mics in unison and start singing. Damn, man. That’s cool.

Aside from my first show as a Ramone, the greatest live moment of my career. Lemmy was a good dude.

Do you like to cook? If so, what do you enjoy cooking most?

I am the cook in my house. Good at Italian (my mom's side) and grilled meats. Prefer charcoal grilling.

What are you working on now? Are you still recording a new album?

Just finished tracking the new record. Be prepared for some new territory y’all...

Thanks again, CJ Ramone!


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