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Mo Pho Pho Sho: A Review

"Good for the belly, good for the soul."

I had heard good things about the folks, and food, over at Mo Pho Pho Sho prior to my arrival at Muddy Roots Music Festival, but wow. Some of the best food, and NICEST people I’ve ever encountered ANYWHERE.

Not only do they have one of the cleanest, most elaborate festival kitchens I’ve ever seen (it takes them 12 hours to set up), they were nice enough to let me creep around their camp numerous times throughout the day, asking questions, and taking a bunch of really bad photos.

At one point on Saturday night, after I had accidentally gotten a little too drunk (thank you, strangers, for handing me booze all weekend), they let me charge my phone after it had died so that I could then run off to take more bad photos of bands, and fans, as I had recently run out of film for my crappy old SLR.

At Mo Pho Pho Sho, you might have to wait 10-20 minutes on your food when they’re slammed (which is often), but even when they’re busy, it’s not like the crew is in the weeds; it’s not that they’re overwhelmed, or suck at what they do and can’t keep up, it’s that they make EVERYTHING fresh and to order. They take their time making their food, because they legit care about putting out the best final product possible. And it shows. The bases for their signature dishes simmer for hours. They don’t have a thousand pre-made Thai spring rolls sitting in a cooler somewhere, that’s not their thing. Oh, and if they could go ahead and bottle that peanut/chili dipping sauce they make, I’d buy a case of it right now.

With their $14 combo you get a choice of roll (I chose shrimp — 👌🏻), bowl (I got the beef pho, but you can get pad Thai if you want), and a drink. As someone who drinks water, black coffee, and an occasional piss beer, I was worried the Jasmine Blossom Green Tea might be a little too weird or cultured for my uncultured ass, but it was everything my tired, dehydrated self needed.

I had scribbled down some notes about nuanced flavors, and whatever spices I could detect in my meal, but I can’t even read it. I was drunk, okay? But I do remember being so incredibly happy, and full, and I’m still daydreaming about that peanut/chili dipping sauce.

I give Mo Pho Pho Sho 4 out of 4 Ramones!

**sorry for the bad/drunken photos ... I'll post more when I get my film developed **

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