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Our FIRST Brew Review! - by Izaac Rains

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

photo courtesy of Izaac Rains

Space Vibes is called a “West Coast-inspired Imperial IPA." I picked it up without thinking about it, mostly because I loved the cans (I don’t know how, but usually I end up with something good this way). 

On my first sip, I was pretty satisfied. It was crisp-enough, slightly fruity - I even heard the fleeting whisper of the word “tropical” as my tongue processed what I was consuming) - ooh! There’s the citrus that I lurve, followed by those hoppity ho— hmm. 

Lots of tang. Lots of tang. Lots of tang. Lots of t.t.t.t.t…. 

Tonight’s West Coast-inspired tasting was quickly dissolving into a hop-laden and boozy waterboarding sesh. I muscled my way through, repeating over and over in my head, “You usually like IPAs; what the fuck is your deal?" until the last sip. I had such a hard time thinking of what to write about the drinking experience I had just endured.

Coming from someone who’s a fan of indiscriminately BIG flavor and doesn’t shy away from the harsher side of the spectrum with food/drink… 

Drinking this beer was like sailing off a high dive, face-first into an empty pool full of grapefruit rinds. Like chewing kale that’s wrapped in tin foil, or like shaving Treebeard’s taint with your teeth. And as soon as you can comprehend what you’ve tasted, the flavors all seem to come together and cancel each other out.




Actually, hold up... I’m starting to feel like I could enjoy this beer in, like, a masochistic kind of way. Maybe I didn’t truly feel like I deserved to be punished today; who knows what tomorrow holds? 

It probably holds this beer since I bought a six-pack.

** 5 out of 10 Gulps **

Anyways, this week I say go buy a mixed up 6 pack with stuff that you mostly KNOW you like as well as a few new options, or at least read the labels, so you know what to expect. 

Don’t be like me. 

Please drink responsibly.

Izaac is an artist, writer, good guy, and lover of brew, and we're super stoked he agreed to help us here at Hüsker Foöd!

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