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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

photo cred: Doyle

Here's our first Q&A with the legendary horror-punk guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Misfits, Doyle). He was nice enough to answer a few questions about his decision to become a vegan, as well as whether or not Glenn Danzig actually eats food (he does) instead of babies, or whatever.


How long have you been a vegan?

Goin’ on 3 years. Before that, vegetarian 1/2 year before goin’ vegan.

What made you choose that lifestyle?

ALISSA WHITE GLUZ (Doyle's lady friend, of Arch Enemy fame)

What was the hardest thing about not eating meat?

IT was simple.. all I was eating that was not vegan, unfortunately, was 2 chicken breasts a day and whey protein... EVERYTHING else I was eating was remarkably VEGAN.

You're obviously a fit, muscular dude; what methods do you use to get enough protein to help maintain that physique?

I lost the chicken breasts (really didn't enjoy it anyway, was to the point of being grossed out and forcing it down ...ate it for purpose) and switched from whey protein supplements to a vegan brand ( VEGA ), which is far superior anyway.

As a son of the beautiful state of New Jersey, is it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? (My family is from the Union/Elizabeth area, and strangely enough, people refer to it as both). I'd assume you've had it at some point in time growing up?

Very gross.

What is/was one meal your mom made that was better than everyone else's?


Is it true that your mom made a meal for your family and Sid Vicious?

Maybe ... his mom stayed with us after his unfortunate passing.

Have a favorite vegan meal? Any recipes you'd be willing to share?

Satan (seitan)

Whether it's punk or pop, do you have any guilty pleasures as far as current music?

I like great songs, period... I DON’T care who's doin' em.

Anything you truly hate?

Rap/country/techno basically BULLSHIT.

What are you currently working on now?

I just signed a deal with DAVE ELLEFSON's from ( MEGADETH) label (EMP) to release DOYLE II "AS WE DIE" DUE out late April followed by touring...Also... WE are doing a merger with EMP and my label, MONSTERMAN RECORDS (on which DOYLE I "ABOMINATOR" was released), to sign and distribute smaller bands throughout the world and give them the push they deserve.

Were the Riot Fest Misfits reunion shows as fun as they looked?

FUCKYESSS!! We had a blast .. those 2 guys (Danzig, Jerry Only) are FUCKIN’ hilarious clowns.

I know you were having some tech issues.

Denver ... Waited 34 years or some shit for that show, and the only time MY gear fucks up -- seconds before I go on -- absolutely the worst time ever at a gig for me.

What kind of food did you guys have backstage?

I had a bounty full VEGAN rider.

Does Glenn even eat? He seems like the kind of guy who sleeps in a coffin, going days without food or something. I can't imagine him eating a good salad with a nice vinaigrette, you know?

Glenn eats.

Thanks for this!


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