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Q&A: Corey Tyler

Singer-songwriter. Lover of Sour Gummi Worms. Wiffle Ball Player. Corey Tyler of Corey-Hole & The Dollar Short Band.


How long have you been playing music, and is it something you’ve always done?

Gosh dang, let's see, I got my first guitar at 14, so I'm guessing going on 20 years. The first song I wrote that stuck was "Cuntrey," which I still do today. A little different and better, it actually got me kicked out of my first band, hahaha. I played thrash metal for years, and then we broke up, I bought an acoustic and started actually writing songs. Short story long, I feel it's something I've done longer than anything except breathing and masturbation.

What makes a good wiffle ball player? Am I un-American for never having played?

hahaha, That's great. No, you're not un-American for not having played, but next time you're around, you should. Ya don't have to run, and it's a good time. Also, trick question, there's only one Great Wiffle Ball Player, and that is a man that goes by the name of Johnny Lawhorn. The rest of us are just playing in his humongous fuckin shadow.

You’re currently based in South Dakota, right? What’s the music scene like out that way?

I've only been here a year, through Covid and all, so I've barely even had a chance to play shows out here yet. The ones I have coming up are with various cover and solo artists. I'm real interested to see more of the scene as I go further on. So I suppose I'll have to give you a better answer later on down the road.

How is life in SD different, and how does it influence your music — if at all?

It's cold as fuck. Summer takes forever to get here and lasts the blink of an eye. There aren't a lot of folks, no traffic but lots of tractors. I don't have a whole bunch of friends out here yet so that definitely has contributed to my writing and excessive playing lately. The song Fire and Ice is pretty much 100% about South Dakota. Chilly winds and hounds of Hell. Yeeh.

What is your goal, musically?

For folks just to hear these songs and continue playing festivals as well as bar shows. I really love the festival circuit and being able to get together and see all my friends, share good and bad stories on how the hell we all got here.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Pepperoni, jalapeno, and pineapple or the Porky Pig pizza from TJ Kerner's here in Parker, SD. Minus the ranch, add jalapenos and onions, I promise ya won't regret it.

Do you have a favorite candy bar? Least favorite?

Well, I like sour gummi worms a whole helluva lot. I hate white chocolate, but I'll eat any candy if I'm high enough.

Is it called “pop” or “soda” in SD? Any good local brands?

Definitely called pop here. I haven't had any local sodas but have found some good local hot sauces and craft beers, of course.

What’re your Top 5 influential-to-you records?

Ooo gosh damn you, that's a hard one. I'll have to say:

-Waylon Jennings: Dreaming My Dreams

-Call Me Bronco: Beating a Dead Bronco

-Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band: Buskers' boneyard

-Piss Poor Players: Poor and Lonesome

-Black TarPoon: A Macing Grace

... in no particular order.

What do you have coming up next?

Well, I've got a couple local shows in South Dakota soon, and I'll be playing Pondstock in Trenton, NE at Lake Hedke this June with so many good bands and friends. I'll be having a baby in August, well, not me personally, but my ol lady will be. haha, So probably after that, I'll be looking to get into the studio to get ready for next year and start the vicious cycle all over again but added with another kid.

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