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Q&A: Johnny Lawhorn

Ball Wiffle Player. Banjo Picker. Drinker of Hamm's.

Singer-songwriter for Satan.


How long has The Pentagram String Band been playing shows? How ‘bout yourself?

We’ve been playing under the PSB name since June 2019. I’ve been gigging regularly since about 2015. But it wasn’t until KC that I picked up the banjo and started singing bout Satan.

For those who are unfamiliar, how would you describe your music — using only pizza toppings? If this question is too dumb, please just tell me to fuck off.

No, not dumb at all. It’s like this. Take a plain cheese pizza, throw it off a building, spit on it, and leave it in the trash can for 3 days before consumption. Or black olives.

Do you enjoy BBQ, if so, is KC BBQ really THE best? Do you have a favorite BBQ joint in town?

KC loves their dirty gas station food. Joe’s is pretty good but our bass plunker Dustin smokes the shit outta some meats.

Should Wiffle Ball replace Trampoline as an event in the Summer Olympic Games?

Probably not. It’s better as a backyard brawl kinda thing. Probably can’t take weed breaks and such in the Olympics.

Are you the best Wiffle Ball player in your band, and/or perhaps in all of Kansas City?

Maybe in KC. But Nailz gives me a run for my money most times. Though he never wins for some reason. Tim Vee’s probably the best. Corey Tyler is by far the worst player. But our game is called Ball Wiffle. Let me explain. There’s no running, bunting or teams. You get 5 pitches. Balls don’t count. Hit it over the pitcher's head for a home run, any other hit is a base hit. If anyone catches the ball it’s a point and if you hit a line drive to the pitcher's face it’s a point!

What’s the last show you’ve been to that inspired you in some way, or maybe even scared ya a bit like, “How can I compete with that?!”

The Matchsellers and GASCAN played a show in my basement for Nicole’s bday. It was goddamn surreal. Those are two of the greatest songwriters here in KC.

What’s the first album you fell in love with?

Any recent albums you’d recommend?

You’re on Death Row, and the Warden asks what you’d like for your last meal: what’re ya gettin’?

Probably that pizza we were talking about earlier. Or 5 fried chickens with all the fixins.

What’s coming up next for you, and The Pentagram String Band?

Well, we have 3 tours coming up in 2021 starting July 8. We’ll be playing songs from our most recent album, Trash Compactor - probably some new ones too. And we’ll be releasing a new album by the end of the year. Should have this dang ol website up and running by then -

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