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Interview with Molly Mess of Some Kind of Nightmare

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Some Kind of Nightmare is a husband and wife punk band from San Diego, California, and you can catch 'em in a city near you this summer. To check out their music, head on over to their Bandcamp page here, or go give 'em a follow on Facebook. They'll be playing the 2nd Punk Rock Pig Roast at The Peterson Compound in Millington, TN tomorrow night!


Please tell my three readers about yourselves: where are you from, how long you’ve been playing, etc.

We're Some Kind of Nightmare from a little bit of everywhere. Grew up in Ohio, moved out to San Diego then started touring full time in 2013. When there's not a pandemic, we live on the road full time. Joey is from Tennessee/Kentucky. We've been a band since 2006. Joey has been touring for 10+ years.

What are some of the challenges or benefits of having ⅔ of the band being married to each other?

I feel being married to a bandmate is a benefit for us. I feel if you share the same passion and have a strong relationship, then what (other than health issues) can hold you back? We were able to start touring full time once I learned the bass as well as doing vocals.

Do any of you cook? If so, what’s the worst thing you make?

Chy does most of the cooking. I've never had Joey's cooking 🤣 But I'm sure it's awesome! I have messed up macaroni and cheese pretty badly before 🤣 But I can book a bad ass tour.

What fuels your tour? Are you able to eat well, or do you eat like dogshit like I used to do when I was on the road?

We try to eat pretty healthy (due to my health history, cancer survivor).

We usually try to do banana smoothies with some broccoli, cucumber, spinach, carrots, and peanut butter. My go-to usually is a footlong subway veggie delight. A cheap way to get some veggies in. Sometimes we're very fortunate and our hosts will cook dinner and eat with us. If I remember correctly, Joey's somewhat of a vegetarian on the road. That's the direction I'm trying to move.

Chy tries to stick to healthy stuff as well. It makes things easier because we're on the road for long stints.

What’re some of your favorite cities for food, and why?

Some of mine and Chy's favorite cities for food has to be cities in southern California, mainly San Diego, for the Mexican food.

Albuquerque has some pretty awesome green chilli sauce. Louisiana for the Cajun food. Don't get me started on our buddy Jeff's family's recipe of homemade gumbo.

Any bands y’all love or hate? What influences your sound?

We love the community of bands we get to work with. The best feeling is dropping into a familiar city and playing with some of the best people you know. So many awesome regional communities out there! What influences our music? Things that move us, issues we're passionate about. Overcoming struggle. The issues this country and other countries need to face and find solutions for. And on top of that, raw shitty punk music. One of my favorite quotes from a friend (Nick) of ours in Vermont, "I want to play music that would move the 15-year-old me." That hits pretty heavily.

If each band member could answer this one, that’d be rad: What’s the first song you ever heard that you then replayed/repeated over and over because you thought it was perfect?

That one is tough. For me, I can remember two albums that got played over and over: Nirvana Never Mind and Rancid Let's Go.

For Chy it was Roots and Radicals by Rancid. I'll ask Joey.

Is there a Southwest Ohio connection in the band? If so, then I have to ask a question I ask nearly everyone: Have you had Cincinnati chili, and if so, did you enjoy it? If you enjoy it, what’s your favorite thing to order?

Chy and I grew up an hour outside of Cincinnati. We are very familiar with Gold Star Chili and Skyline. Joey has had both as well. He prefers Skyline.

I always wanted to work at Gold Star as a kid. I never got to 🤣

Chy likes the chili cheese fries, I love the chili cheese 3-way spaghetti and chili cheese sandwiches (coney no hot dog) If I remember correctly, Joey got the nachos.

Best Kool-Aid flavor?

I like cherry and blueberry. Chy likes grape. We'll just say Joey likes them all 🤣

What do you have coming up next?

We're playing Murfreesboro before we play the Punk Rock Pig Roast and St. Louis after. We're doing a Columbus and Indianapolis show in August. We're doing a two-week run along the northeast in mid-September. October, we're playing a show in Dayton, Ohio on the 15th at Blind Bob's. November we're starting to get back to touring full time. So we'll be all over! Everyone keep an eye out and we'll see you out there!

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