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Q&A: Sunny Anderson

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Like a lot of food nerds, I probably watch too much TV revolving around food, and the preparation of said food. For me, it all started with the - original - Iron Chef, and I haven't looked back. Despite my love for Bourdain, and despite his well documented hatred of Food Network, I have actually learned a lot by watching some of their shows, so I'm pretty stoked about this Q&A with Sunny Anderson. That's right, THE Sunny Anderson!

For those of you who don't know, Sunny is a television host, author, radio DJ, chef, Air Force veteran, and expert troll slayer ... seriously. Follow her on social media, and you'll see what I'm talking about; she slays trolls with a precision and ease the likes of which are rarely seen. It's kind of amazing, really.

Here I ask her some goofy questions about being a military brat (I was one myself), and wonder if celeb chef and co-host of Food Network's "The Kitchen," Geoffrey Zakarian, ever looks like a bum.



Taco Bueno, Del Taco, or Taco Bell? Which one, and why?

Taco Bell because it was my 3rd job in high school. I know all the ordering tricks. But Del Taco a close second because they have fries and really good iced coffee. Don't let that distract you from the best fast food invention since the McRib, The Dorito Taco. So yeah, Taco Bell.

You're right. That Dorito taco is pretty legit.

I was an army brat myself, having once done time at Ft. Sill. Which post/base was the worst for you as a kid, which one was the best?

I didn't enjoy my time in Norfolk, VA. My dad was at the Armed Forces Staff College. We were only there 6 months or so and I didn't like much about that time.

Did you eat at those Burger Kings, and weird little pizza shops at the BX/PX like I did?

Yep! Burger King on base was all we had! Now they have Popeye's, Subway, everything!!!

Was that the only time those two things were any good?

Nah...Burger King has its moments...all fast food does lol.

Done, sir...more?

Hold on ... pizza break.

Is/was Air Force food better than the other service branches? I’ve always heard that. Thank you for your service, btw! All branches eat pretty much the same because the chefs all go to the same training school which is joint branch education. Now, the OFFICER'S club has the BEST food on any base... just gotta get an invitation!

Are you a fan of music? If so, do you have a top 3, or 5 albums you’d be willing to share? YES. I'm a former radio DJ. Hard to answer top 5 albums. But I love Stevie Wonder, Lil Kim, Phil Collins, Michael McDonald, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Britney Spears, 2Pac, Madonna, old Jay-Z, Whitney, Mary J. Blige, and yes LOVE Cardi B...her 1st album is a CLASSIC!

Do you have time to cook at home? If so, what’s a go-to meal? I cook at home EVERYDAY!! 9 out of 10 times I make breakfast, lunch and dinner...even snacks in between. It's how I grew up, so it's easy to keep up. My mom and dad both loved cooking so I feel it's just an extension of that upbringing. I like to try new stuff and also have favorites I repeat. For breakfast I do any and everything because I usually go to sleep thinking about it. You can see my favorites at #sunnybreakinthefast

Does Geoffrey Zakarian EVER dress like a bum?

Geoffrey Zakarian NOT looking like a bum


Anything you’d like to plug even though I only have like 100 readers? Chase you dreams, they're yours and attainable with hard work. And don't let anyone tell you what to eat. That's your belly.

Thanks, Sunny!

You can catch Sunny on Food Network's "The Kitchen," or go to to see what else she's up to.

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