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Q&A: Symptoms

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

According to their Facebook page, "Symptoms is a punk rock n' roll band that started in Portland, OR in 2012." Here they answer some questions about ice cream, and life... or something.


Your band, Symptoms, has been making music since 2012: What’s the secret to your continued creative success?

We’ll let you know when we get there.

Y’all are based in Portland, correct? What’s one food item Portland is known for? If any?

Fusion, Portland is super cultural! Haha!

Your album, “Wasting my life,” is really good. It reminded me of some of the stuff my sister would play when we’d go on short road trips in the mid-’90s. What influenced the sound, or songwriting, for this album?

Oh damn! We thought the older records sounded like 1990s music, and the new one was more current (laughs).

Any good cooks in the band? Any bad cooks in the band?

Ricky makes a mean pizza; gulasha or gulan are Michael’s dishes, and Jake is good at making raw carrots and broccoli with ranch.

I know COVID has put a damper on things, but when you’re on tour, is there one place you absolutely have to hit up when you’re on the road? Care to share what it is and where?

That is a hard question. The places where we have friends. Detroit, New York, Charleston, Cincy, Philly, and Wisconsin are a few. We have been traveling 2-3 months out of the year (other than last year) since we started, so we love a lot of kids places. A better question would be, “what cities do we absolutely avoid?”

Do you think things will go back to normal like they were pre-COVID?


Klondike Bar or Ice Cream Sandwich?

The messier one.

What do y’all have coming up next? I know you’re out near Memphis right now, correct?

I moved to Memphis almost 4 years ago, after never living away from Portland. Ricky is in Cincinnati now. He impulsively moved to Memphis 3 years ago. We were on tour, and he just decided not to go home. Then, he moved to Cincy last summer. Michael is still in Portland. We don’t really know what’s next. Maybe Ricky will move to one of these cities we are playing in this summer.

We are on tour until July 26th. We will likely meet up and do a 10-day stretch in the Fall and maybe somewhere warm for a weekish this Winter. We have enough new songs to do an EP this year, but we might just wait until we have enough for an album because we just put out “Wasting My Life.”

Also, I really hope there isn’t another band named Symptoms from Portland that put out an album entitled “Wasting my life,” because that’d be really awkward, and I’d feel like a big asshole.

There is a doom metal band called Symptom in Portland. There are at least two bands with the same name as us. A guy from Chicago Symptoms was at our show in Milwaukee a few years ago. Maybe we’ll all get together and do a triple Symptoms show one day.

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