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Tejon Street Corner Thieves

I'm way behind on my Muddy Roots coverage, but here's a quick Q&A with Connor of the Tejon Street Corner Thieves. They were the first bunch to agree to do an interview, and also had one of my favorite sets of the weekend. Super talented, super nice, and aren't afraid to get weird, as seen here. Thanks again, guys!

Is TSCT a 3-piece band, or 4?

The band started 7 years ago. We are usually a 4 piece. But sometimes we add lightning Luke to the lineup on fiddle to make 5.

Any cooks in the group? If so, any signature dishes? Any recipes you’d be willing to share? 

Shawn (guitarist) likes to cook! He makes hot sauces and pasta dishes. He doesn’t really have recipes, but the hotter the better. We’ve done videos of us eating Carolina reapers and trying to play songs!

What’s your road diet like? I’m a trucker, and when I was OTR I ate like dog shit. Those were the good ol’ days when Flying Js still had buffets though, so that was always a nice break between snackie cakes and Mtn. Dew. Any favorite roadside joints you’d recommend?

Our tour diet is not good. A lot of caffeine and gas station food. We usually bring a stove and make stir fry or spaghetti. We recently bought a Jet Boil, so we can make hard boiled eggs, ramen, and coffee on the go. It’s a game changer. 

How would you describe the TSCT sound? Who are some of your influences?

We can’t decide what to call our sound but trash grass or blackout bluegrass seems to fit. We like to party! Most of our influences are our friends. Lately we’ve been eating up Amigo the Devil, willie tea Taylor and, of course, blink 182. 

Sugar in grits: Yes or No?

No. Sick. 

How’s the food out in Colorado? Any hometown joints you hit up first thing coming off the road? If so, what do you order? 

Colorado green chili is the best! It’s so good. Santiago’s in Denver has the best. But first thing home from tour is always the ultimate buffet. It’s not great. But it’s all you can eat. And we are large, food-aggressive men. Haha. We love it.

What do y’all have planned next? 

Next up is Mexico! We leave next week for a 10 day run. Then we’re doing a tour in November with our homies “Yes Ma’am” to play Fox Valley Roots Festival in Appleton Wisconsin. We’ve got festivals booked going into next year but we’re really excited for October 2020 when we’re finally going to Europe thanks to Rootstown Booking! We’ll be there for a whole month!

Thanks for reaching out James! 

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